About Us

A brief History

Say hello to our friendly team!

The stance was once a simple idea generated during the boring first phases of the Covid pandemic in the hearts of a few B.Tech students. From getting about 4 to 5 Clients in the first two months we have now stood above the start-up phase.

The founding members of Stance never thought of taking Stance to the next level. It was difficult for us to get clients due to the jobless situation at that time. Anyway we didn't give-up.
We Reinvested the money we got and took courses from Udemy and Skillshare. After gaining Knowledge we practised and did some freelancing and gained experience. Then we restarted Stance.

Meet Stance. A new revolution in Social Media Marketing and Web Devolopment

As time flew our workload also increased and began to become a struggle to manage everything. We started by hiring freelancers to do a few jobs and now they have become a part of Stance and understand our culture. Yes, we left an impression that cannot be ignored.


Team members




Spoken languages
Consistency and hard work let us become who we are, all the way while gaining more and more knowledge.

We at stance love what we do.

Every project and client is a mission for us. We at Stance ->

Brainstorm Ideas
Devise Strategy
Dedicate Ourselves
Deliver with Satisfaction
We have always and will always follow this. This is what Stance is at the core.

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